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About Us

We have proudly served the Rochester area business community for over 10 years!

We provide professional cleaning services for offices, retail, leisure, manufacturing and healthcare.

Here's what our customers have to say:

"Bell-Mar Enterprise is a great company that meets and exceeds our compnaies service needs. We would highly recommend thier services."

                                         - American Packaging Corp.

"Bell-Mar Enterprise is a professional, reliable compnay that gives detailed attention to all of our cleaning needs. Highly recommended thier services to anyone."

                                   - Wendy's Restaurants of Rochester

We would like to compliment Bell-Mar enterprise on their cleaning service. The work quality fully meets our requirements. As a manager of facilities, it is important to survey our customer’s satisfaction including the cleaning of the work environment. i am able to work with Bell-Mar Enterprise to address any concerns and rectify problems immediately. The management of Bell-Mar is always available so I can be assured of their service and am always able to meet face to face, which I believe is necessary to maintain a solid business.

                                                               - Nukote International